How to buy $ND

Step by step guide for PancakeSwap

1. Download the app, Trust Wallet

2. Purchase BNB using Trust Wallet

  • 2a. You can try to buy BNB directly from Trust Wallet, watch this video to how to buy via Trust Wallet. Please keep in mind, It may take sometime for the BNB to show up in your wallet.

3. Go to the DApps tab at the bottom and find PancakeSwap.

  • 3a. IF NEEDED – iOS users, please click here to watch a video on how to use DApps with Safari with Trust Wallet.

4. On Pancake Swap, in the “From” slot, select BNB or BSC, depending on which one you bought. In the bottom slot tap “Select currency” copy/click this contract address: 0x723000D0dF87652387E737F5747AC9205Bf9c213

5. There is no slippage for $ND, this can be set to 0% or 0.1%

6. Set the amount you wish to buy in the “From” box, and press the “Swap” button

7. Confirm the transaction and hold!