Explore the futuristic ruins of nuclear warfare. A world where everyone defends for themselves, a world where there is no law. The goal is to rebuild civilization… but who can you trust?

Nemesis Downfall is the world’s first play-to-earn battle royale video game. Bringing web3 technology to an already established genre of gaming.


The first version of Nemesis Downfall will feature two main game modes. A free-to-play version, and a pay-to-play version. Both versions will be play to earn, by rewarding players with NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Players will be placed in a team and will be tasked to explore the ruins of trinity island for treasure while destroying enemy players that come across their path.

Free to play:

  • Find NFTs which can be weapons, armour, food and other useful items for battle. These can be kept to upgrade your character, or traded on the marketplace.
  • Earn cryptocurrency rewards from our airdrop programs, as well as $NMSIS tokens.

Pay to play:

  • Entry fee of around $5 in $NMSIS
  • Earn from a pool of cryptocurrency which is funded by all other players’ entry fees. Giving a maximum reward of around 45x your original stake.

Both versions of the game will feature the option for players to locate an escape zone and leave with their current holdings. Those who risk getting to the end will achieve the highest rewards.

Game Design

Either pay a $NMSIS fee to join or join a free-to-play instance.

Co-Op with your team to open chests to find loot. Discover NFT upgrades that can be used for battle and cryptocurrency tokens which will be deposited directly into your wallet

Kill other players to take their loot.

Enter one of the escape zones to leave the game and take all of your winnings or clear all other enemy teams for greater rewards.

Version 2: MMORPG

Persistent world:

The second version of our game will feature a persistent world where players can work together to rebuild their own society. This will be a multi-player world with quests, storylines and PVE content, as well as a continued PVP storyline. Players will be able to own decentralized assets such as land, which can be used to yield in-game NFTs, or decorated to display wealth and prestige.

Decentralized Marketplace:

The game will feature a fully decentralized marketplace where players can trade assets within the game, with these exchanges being made on the blockchain in real-time.

Version 2 will run alongside the existing battle royale game, with NFTs being transferable between the two games.

What Makes Nemesis Downfall Different?

Leading P2E games like Axie Infinity and Sandbox are ‘popular’ because of the rewards that players can earn simply by playing, but if it weren’t for the rewards, would anyone play? What happens to these games in a crypto bear market downturn?

Many popular P2E games are far behind the curve as far as gameplay is concerned, and that’s where Nemesis Downfall is different.

Our team is focused on creating a cutting-edge, first-person shooter experience, with smooth, modern gameplay to rival the likes of Call of Duty, Halo, and PUBG. We are making a game that people would play ‘without’ the rewards, but that everyone will play because of them, and that is what is going to make Nemesis Downfall unstoppable.

Our Revenue Sources

Game Entry Fees

10% of revenue paid to enter the battle royale game is given back to the developer’s wallet.


Third-party companies can integrate their brand into a world and bring their unique NFTs into our ecosystem.

NFT Pre-Sales

A limited number of NFTs will be sold to fund the development of the game.

NFT Re-Sale

When NFTs are re-sold on the market, a 3% tax will be charged.

Nemesis Pass

Nemesis Pass will be sold for $10.00 USD using the Nemesis Token (NMSIS).

Nemesis Pass

Nemesis Pass is a leveling system within Nemesis Downfall. Through Nemesis Pass, players are able to earn NFTs, NMSIS tokens, and extra bonuses. Players can level up the Nemesis Pass without purchasing it, but only when the pass is activated will they be able to get the rewards up to the point that they have leveled to. Players can also earn limited free rewards without a purchase.

The Nemesis Pass will be updated with new rewards every 3 to 4 months with the start of a new season, and those new rewards could fit the theme for that season.

Explore a unique fantasy island in the world’s first play-to-earn battle royale game.

Unique Weapon Upgrade System

Our modular weapon building system allows NFTs to be combined to create unique weapon combinations which can be traded on our marketplace for $NMSIS tokens.

User Play to Earn Models

Win battle royale tournaments to earn crypto and NFT upgrades and gear.

Kill opposing players and take their loot, crypto, NFTs, and land.

Locate in-game rewards in buildings and throughout the world.

Create and/or sell NFTs such as weapons, armor, and other equipment.

$NMSIS Token

20B total supply. (10B Polygon Network and 10B Ethereum Network)

Burnable and mint functions.

In-game token on Polygon Network to reduce fees.

DAO on Ethereum Network


June 2022

$ 0

August 2022
Free to Play Alpha Launch

$ 0

October 2022
NFT Marketplace Launch

$ 0

January 2023
v1 Full Game Release 

$ 0

Total Funding Requirements:

$ 0

Stretch Goals

Nemesis Downfall VR Launch
& New Map

$ 0

Nemesis Downfall
Mobile Version

$ 0

Nemesis Downfall eSports Team & Events

$ 0

Nemesis Downfall V2
Full Release

$ 0

Total Stretch Funding Requirements:

$ 0


Cameron Geary

Co-Founder of Nemesis Downfall

Cam Geary is the founder and CEO of Dogecoin 2.0, a Binance smart chain project, which achieved a $30,000,000 market cap only four months after its creation, and was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal as well as in many other notable publications including Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, NASDAQ, and The Motley Fool.

Geary has a strong background in business development, management, sales, and marketing- he is a lifelong entrepreneur and trader and a passionate economist.

Charlie Char

Co-Founder of Nemesis Downfall

Charlie Char is the COO of Dogecoin 2.0. Charlie is a film producer for the last 12 years, working on small and large productions. Within his film career, he received the Northwest Regional Emmy® for Best Historical Documentary as a producer. Charlie also has started several nonprofits with the focus of supporting local filmmakers, and Children’s Hospitals in Alaska. Charlie has helped raise over $1,500,000 for kids in need in Alaska through the charity Extra Life and has managed 2 large gaming events in support of that charity. The work of supporting filmmakers and Extra Life it has awarded Charlie with the title of Top 40 under 40 in Alaska.

Market Potential

2021 Gaming Market

  • 2.9 Billion Players

  • $175.8 Billion Revenue

  • +9.3% YoY GROWTH

  • China ranked first in market revenue, followed by USA

MMORPG Gaming Market

  • $42.2B revenue from global PC online games

  • More than 85% of revenue comes from free-to-play games

Case Study: Fortnite

  • 2018 – 78.3 million active monthly players

  • 2020 – 80.4 million active monthly players

  • 2020 – $5.1 Billion in revenue


Game Client

Unity version 2020.3.14f (LTS)

Game Server

Java JDK 17

Apache MINA Core (networking)

MongoDB 4.4