Sign Up and Play


How to Play

  1. Sign up for Nemesis Downfall
  2. Download and Install “Nemesis Downfall Instiller.exe”
  3. You may see a warning “Windows Protected Your PC” message
    • Because Nemesis Downfall is new this message pops up.
    • Click “More Info” 
    • Click “Run Anyways”
  4. The installer will pop up and follow the steps. It may freeze during installation. DO NOT QUIT, the installation will finish.
  5. The Nemesis Downfall Launcher will automatically open after installation. You can open it from your Desktop as well.
  6. Click “Play” and Nemesis Downfall will open and prompt you to sign in.
  7. From there you can “Select Teams” and then “Join Public”
  8. You are now in Nemesis Downfall Pre-Alpha.
  9. Updates will be pushed automatically through the launcher.


“How do I update the game?”
When an update comes available, the launcher will prompt you to update. That will give you the latest version of Nemesis Downfall!

“I am getting ‘Match Not Found’ what do I do?”
You want to try again in a few seconds. It’s a known bug that we will have fixed soon.’