the concept


In a dystopian future characterized both by the unimaginable technological advancements of humankind and the oppression of a tyrannical governmental regime known as Antonym – humanoids from a distant galaxy who have taken over the earth – players fight for the abandoned technological relics on the Island of Trinity, a place where survival has become a goal in itself.


Nemesis Downfall is the first ever blockchain based first-person-shooter video game that allows players to earn cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
Developed in two phases, Nemesis Downfall will first let players participate in a cutting-edge, PVP battle royale game featuring the most interesting elements from the leading games of the genre – Fortnite, Warzone, etc. – as well as novel concepts of our own. 
In a second time, the PVP version will be integrated in a full, open-world MMPORG styled FPS involving quests, raids, guilds, and decentralized, player-contributed/created gameplay.
Nemesis Downfall will utilize both traditional gameplay interfaces, and virtual reality. 

In-game currency and NFTs


Nemesis Downfall will be developed as a PC client-based video game with Blockchain integration. Its in-game currency is the $NMSIS token (see tokenomics), and the loot items are NFTs.
Our intention is to ease non crypto-experienced gamers into the Play-to-earn genre. Simply download the game and create an account to get started – Your crypto wallet will be set up for you and you will be able to use the marketplace like any in-game store. 

This means everything acquired in the game by players instantly becomes their own property. In Nemesis Downfall, you will be free to trade, sell or buy $NMSIS and your gear items both in-game and on the Nemesis Downfall web marketplace. On top of providing players a stream of revenue directly linked to their time and skills in the game, the P2E (Play-to-earn) aspect completely shifts the Battle Royale from a pure survival to survive and escape with your dropped NFTs to secure them. It also introduces team strategic plays to defend the NFT bearer and loot repartition so that every teammate is compensated. 

Players will be able to start a game with their choice of NFT gear, providing them with an advantage BUT with the risk of loosing it in case of death. We will introduce mechanisms to ensure NFTs against this risk and will make sure the game remains balanced and accessible to new players that are not yet equipped. The $NMSIS token will play its role of in-game currency to let players earn money, get more stuff or buy specific services. We will keep a close monitoring of the economy to guaranty its balance.

$NMSIS will also be used to fuel reward drops, including Top 1 rewards for each game. Both the token and NFTs will also be used for promotional operations and rewards outside the game, including giveaways, special sales, etc.

How is Nemesis Downfall different from other P2E ?

Leading P2E games like Axie Infinity and Sandbox are ‘popular’ because of the rewards that players can earn simply by playing, but if it weren’t for the rewards, would anyone play? What happens to these games in a crypto bear market downturn?

Many popular P2E games are far behind the curve as far as gameplay is concerned, and that’s where Nemesis Downfall is different.

Our team is focused on creating a cutting-edge, first-person shooter experience, with smooth, modern gameplay to rival the likes of Call of Duty, Halo, and PUBG. We are making a game that people would play ‘without’ the rewards, but that everyone will play because of them, and that is what is going to make Nemesis Downfall unstoppable.

Free-to-play & Competitive

Game Modes

In its first phase of development, Nemesis Downfall Players will have to team up and fight against each other in an enclosed perimeter. The game starts when all players land on the Trinity Island and ends when only one team is left alive. Players can start the game with their own items, open chests to find more gear and weapons. When a player is killed, its opponents have a chance at looting his body and taking its NFTs with them.
Nemesis Downfall will be playable in two different modes : Free-to-play, and Competitive.

Free to play

We have conceived Nemesis Downfall as a massively accessible game for both the gaming and crypto communities. As such, we wanted the main playing mode to be free and directly accessible when starting the game.

Players can join a lobby and instantly start a game in the free to play mode. They are able to loot NFTs, earn Experience points to level up their character, level up their Nemesis passes (see features), earn rewards for each game won. They are however limited in the number of items in their load-ups and do not have access to some of the specific in-game features.


The competitive mode is reserved for the most skilled, stuffed and involved players. 

In this mode, each player pays an entry fee to enter a winner-takes-it-all game. The Top1 team gets to share the pot and x10 its own entry. Players are here to win, and can carry full load-ups with their most powerful NFT gear and weapons. All teams have to carefully define strategies and teamplay to ensure maximum survival of its members, escaping with the looted items while protecting their own valuable stuff, or try and win the game prize!

Players are offered game preparation and in-game features specific to this mode as well as badges and competition ladders.


Either pay a $NMSIS fee to join or join a free-to-play instance.

Co-Op with your team to open chests to find loot. Discover NFT upgrades that can be used for battle and cryptocurrency tokens which will be deposited directly into your wallet

Kill other players to take their loot.

Enter one of the escape zones to leave the game and take all of your winnings or clear all other enemy teams for greater rewards.

Gamepass & gear systems


Nemesis downfall will incorporate a number of features either unique or inspired by other BRs. We have in the team a good number of passionate and experienced gamers who spent quite a lot of time on the most successful BRs and games of these last years.  This helped us identify which features make a game fun and interesting, and gave us inspiration on how to implement them. We were also able to identify what we think is missing, and what the P2E aspect of Nemesis Downfall will change in term of gameplay. We have conceived a number of features and are still in the process of designing more.

Here are some of the most important ones:

token distribution & releases

$NMSIS Tokenomics

Because we are developing Nemesis Downfall with the ambition of being amongst the leading P2E Games within 2 years, we put a lot of effort in conceiving a fair and balanced economy for its $NMSIS token.

We have taken in consideration the token usage (in game currency) and our development roadmap to establish the token’s supply, distribution and release models. We made sure the progressive increase of the circulating supply would be balanced between the project’s needs and its growth in number of users and visibility. We achieved that by synchronizing project-owned token releases to important roadmap steps such as demo launch and game launch, and locking most of the investors tokens for 1 year.

We feel confident that our model will allow the $NMSIS token to maintain a healthy progression and represent a good opportunity for both pre-sale investors and future buyers.

Token name: $NMSIS

Token Type: ERC-20 / MATIC

Max Supply: 20B – 10B ERC20 + 10B Matic

Initial Circulating Supply: 980M(4,9%) circulating + 940M (4,7%) unlocked project tokens

Initial Market Cap: Estimated 9.8M at 0.01$

Introductory retail sail price: $0.005 to $0.01 USD


    • Strategic Round (vested): 1.5B
    • Private Sales (vested): 3.33B
    • Advisory Board (vested): 0.5B
    • Public Launch & airdrop: 0.6B
    • Liquidity* (locked): 1.3B
    • Team Vesting Funds (vested): 3.5B
    • Insurance* (locked): 0.8B
    • Marketing* (Vested): 1B
    • Initial Dev allocation (vested): 0.75B
    • In-game rewards & reserves* (vested / in game release): 6.72B

    *Controlled by the project — spent to meet the needs of game developmentnt.


  • Strategic Round (vested): 10% unlocked at investment, 90% after 1 year
  • Private Sales (vested): 5% unlocked at investment, 95% after 1 year
  • Advisory Board (vested): 5% unlocked, 95% after 1 year
  • Public Launch & airdrop: Fully circulating after IDO
  • Liquidity* (locked): Locked in DEXs and CEXs according to project needs
  • Team Vesting Funds (vested): 0% circulating at launch, 20% after 1 year, 80% after 2 years
  • Insurance* (locked): Locked unless needed (project will communicate in case tokens are used)
  • Marketing* (Vested): 50% for project launch, 50% after 1 year. Used according to marketing needs.
  • Initial Dev allocation (vested): 5% at project launch, 95% after 1 year
  • In-game rewards & reserves* (vested / in game release): Reserves unlocking 20% every 4 months starting feb 2022, 20B to be released through game after game launch — Q1 2023).

*Controlled by the project — spent to meet the needs of game development.

MMORPG integration

Phase 2 development

Persistent world:

The second version of our game will feature a persistent world where players can work together to rebuild their own society. This will be a multi-player world with quests, storylines and PVE content, as well as a continued PVP storyline. Players will be able to own decentralized assets such as land, which can be used to yield in-game NFTs, or decorated to display wealth and prestige.

Decentralized Marketplace:

The game will feature a fully decentralized marketplace where players can trade assets within the game, with these exchanges being made on the blockchain in real-time.

Version 2 will run alongside the existing battle royale game, with NFTs being transferable between the two games.